The Arajuno Foundation (AF) The Arajuno Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, a non-government, not-for-profit foundation didicated to the goals and objectives of the Arajuno Jungle Lodge. The foundation board is made up of seven volunteer members.

Steven Andrews is general counsel and secretary of Insight Enterprises, Inc., a global provider of hardware, software and IT services. Over the course of his career, Mr. Andrews has served as the Chief Legal Officer of other publicly-traded companies, and has also served at various times as the head of human resources and as an interim CEO. Earlier in his career, he clerked for the Honorable Donald R. Ross, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, and served as special assistant to the Honorable William H. Webster, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Andrews is a 1977 Graduate of the University of Nebraska and a 1979 Graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Law.

Stephen J. Lococo is President and Portfolio Manager for Footprints Asset Management & Research, Inc. (FAMR), managing individual, corporate, and employer-sponsored retirement accounts. He is the General Partner for Footprints Partners LP. His firm is located in Omaha, Nebraska, and was founded in June 2003. Prior to FAMR, Mr. Lococo worked under the brokerage firms Smith Hayes and Kirk Patrick Pettis. He earned a BSc in Finance and is a Level III candidate for the Charter Market Technician (CMT) designation. In 2003, Mr. Lococo graduated from the Wharton Executive Business School Security Industry Institute. He is a board member for Wegener Corporation (WGNR) and Acceptance Insurance Company (AIC). Mr. Lococo participates in local charity events, including Madonna's School, Children's Hospital, and the Nebraska Humane Society.

John H. Van Gundy is Fulfillment Manager for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the international profession organization for more than 34,000 geoscientists in 130 countries, where he has been employed for the past 15 years. He earned a BSc. degree at the University of Nebraska and a Masters degree at the University of Iowa. He has been active in the Tulsa metropolitan area, working on special projects involving many organizations, such as Catholic Charities, Downtown Lions Club, Tulsa Cerebral Palsy Association, and the Little Lighthouse for Children

John Parker works for Chemonics International, providing technical and managerial support to USAID natural resources management projects. He is currently based in Guatemala, working as the Program Officer for USAID's Conservation of Central American Watersheds Program, a regional program working to improve the management of the Gulf of Honduras and Bocas del Toro watersheds. Prior to this, he worked as a Habitat Conservation Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador, living and working within indigenous communities on the Arajuno River. John and Tom Larson have collaborated on several projects, including the Rio Arajuno Aquaculture Project and the Rio Arajuno Native Guides Course. John received his undergraduate degree from Middlebury College.

Tomas Larson is originally from the United States and has dedicated his life to the protection and conservation of natural resources. His M.S. degree in Natural Resource management, coupled with 15 years of experience in the U.S. Forest Service and his service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador enabled him to serve in the following professional capacities: Chief of Environmental Education and Interpretation for the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos Islands, Training Director for Peace Corps-Ecuador’s volunteer program and his present activity as Owner and Director of the AJL Forest Reserve.

Miguel Castaņel of Ecuador, Liaison, has been working in the Amazon Region of Ecuador since 1998. He has worked in education, environmental issues, eco-tourism and sustainable development with the Ecuadorian National Park Service, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as international oil companies. He has collaborated with Shaman Pharmaceuticals and The Healing Forest Conservancy to design and write a guide on sustainable cultivation of medicinal plants for commercialization. He has been involved with sustainable development projects in Permaculture, apiculture, reforestation, education and health. He was responsible for implementation of a solar-powered VHF/UHF radio network that connects 26 communities on the Upper Napo River with the Mondaņa Clinic. He also provided cultural and linguistic interpretation for a variety of projects, including an Amazon Artesania program for the Department of Arts with Eastern Kentucky University. He is a fellow with the Kellogg Foundation-funded Partners of the Americas Fellowship program, and has traveled to the Caribbean, North and South America to participate in Fellowship programs. In September/October 2005 Mr. Castanel was selected to work in a documentary with the National Geographic because of his experience with the culture in the Amazon rainforest. While working in eco-tourism he was responsible for more than six years of preparing tours, programs and guiding of a variety of groups.

Melissa C. Tukey is a Literacy Coach at Frank Porter Graham Elementary School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She teaches and supports both students and colleagues in a balanced literacy program, which involves blocks of instruction in reading, writing, and word study. She spent 14 years as a classroom teacher in grades 2, 3, and 4. She holds a BS in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Education with a concentration in reading. She has additional post-graduate training as a Literacy Coordinator and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Melissa has past experience in radio broadcasting, where she wrote commercial copy and was on the air as an announcer. In addition to her work with literacy in Ecuador, she is a volunteer tutor and will soon join a summer read-aloud program for children at low-income apartments in her community.