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Goodbye to Arajuno Jungle Lodge!

This is to be my last blog post, as the volunteer of the Arajuno Jungle Lodge. I’m spending a bit of time in Tena and in Quito, before I have to catch my flight back to the States on Thursday.

I wanted to quickly cap off my stay with an overview of all that I’ve done and seen and experienced, because it’s been unlike anything else!

The work that I’ve been doing, my time in the elementary school of San Pedro, was absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, for better people to work with. The kids were so curious and eager to pick up English, and the teachers just as much so. In turn, I learned how to write an awful lot of words in Spanish I’d not before known, as well as various Quichua words, and the basic skill of being the one in charge. This was my first prolonged experienced teaching in a classroom setting, as a fairly legitimate teacher, and I think I did well.



(working on our Libro de Ingles on the last day)


To be completely honest, how much of that information they’ll retain I couldn’t say, but at the very, very least, the thing I most hope to have instilled is the will to keep learning. Natalia, one of the profesoras, asked me to say a couple last words before leaving, and so I told the kids that the world is big. The world is huge, made up of places and people and experiences beyond the wildest imagination, and  if you want to discover it badly enough, if you are willing to work and work and make what you want possible, then you will. After which one of the kids, Jonathon, said he wanted to go to France.

And I sincerely hope that these kids, as young as they are now, will keep that drive, and keep pushing for more education, for more knowledge of the world. Leaving them was so, so difficult for me…I only knew them for a few weeks, but I feel such an empathy for them. Their situation in the world is not the easiest, by a long shot, and maybe this is why my heart hurts so much just leaving them to figure it out on their own. But they are beyond strong, and I know that if they want to do something, go somewhere, and be someone, they will.

All of Us!

And that’s the note I’m leaving the Amazon on. It’s been a trip, to be sure. I’ve seen tarantulas, ridden on top of buses, taught English in Spanish, eaten bugs, had my cookies stolen by a monkey, and I got to wake up every morning looking out on a tributary of the Amazon River. What a life, what a lucky life I lead :).

Thank you to Tom Larson, to Charo, to Mona, to Romiro, to Marco, to Natalia and Teresa, to everyone who has made this experience as unbelievable as it has been…you are all wonderful, wonderful people.

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