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Donation by Arajuno Foundation to Flood Disaster Victims in Tena

On April 6th, 2010, the Tena River, a tributary of the Napo River, flooded it’s banks and sent waters over 3 meters high into the town of Tena.

Located directly on the bank of the river, Yajaira Pillajo Zuña, a mother of two, lost everything. Water rose to about 2 meters high  inside the house, sweeping away clothes and food and belongings, and causing damage to the building. Yajaira said that if this were to happen again, she would have nowhere to go, nothing left to draw from.

Just a couple days later, her older daughter, Melany Melendres Pillajo, burnt  her upper legs, arms, stomach, and fingers in a kitchen accident.

Melany Melendres Pillajo

This is a family with very little money and means for income, hit with two costly accidents just within days of each other. Yajaira cannot work, because she has to take care of her two children. Luckily, directly following the flood, there has been a wave of donation, of clothing and water and paint for the houses. However, the creams for Melany’s burns run about $20 per small tube. There are the hospitalization costs. And there is still money needed for more reparations, and for future security.

The Pillajo Family and Tom Larson

Melissa Tukey, a retired school teacher and a member of the Arajuno Foundation, generously donated $400 to the hardest hit of the flood family victims. Tom Larson, director of the Foundation, made the decision to help the Pillajo family, who appreciated the money beyond belief. A video of the donation being received is included in the next post.

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