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AJL: Where Cultures Converge

A few years ago a new tradition began: if a visitor to the Aranuno Jungle Lodge (AJL) hailed from a new country, his or her country’s flag was hung in the rafters of the main Lodge building. Today, more than 30 country flags flutter in the gentle breeze off the Rio Arajuno. From Australia to South Africa to China to France, guests have trekked to AJL from all corners of the world, making it a truly international destination where the various cultures of the world converge in one of the most biodiverse bands of rainforest. The values of preserving the rainforest and experiencing and helping indigenous cultures and endangered species continue to cross all boundaries. It reconfirms the ongoing commitment and work of both AJL and the Arajuno Foundation. If you have been a part of this experience, I encourage you to blog about it on the AJL blogspot.


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