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News from the Jungle

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Dear Friends and supporters of Arajuno Jungle Lodge and the Arajuno Foundation:
With the end of the rainy season at hand, I can finally update the blog. 2008 appears to be another record year for us. So far, in 2008 we have:

  • expanded the aquatic species reintroduction project, our two newest fish ponds are now functioning and we have constructed a new pond strictly for the turtles.
  • combined forces with Peace Corps/Ecuador to execute a five-day traditional ceramics training workshop for 20 native Quichua women from six local communities.
  • provided a local indigenous community with a complete kitchen along with training in food preparation, customer service, and hygiene. This community is now ready to receive tourists and feed them as an additional income source.

These are the sort of projects that are closest to my heart, and where the “rubber hits the road”. But we’ve also made real progress in some areas that aren’t as “colorful” or maybe as interesting, but are every bit as important. We making progress on the legal and governing side of the Arajuno Foundation. We have our board of trustees in place now and are awaiting IRS approval of our 501 (c)(3) status.

If you would like more details on all that’s going on at the lodge, download our latest newsletter. Send me your email address and I’ll add your name to the list so you can get the next newletter as soon as I send it out.

I also want you to meet our new adopted daughter, Mona;


Mona is a young wooley monkey who was orphaned when her mother was killed by hunters. Mona’s job here at the lodge to be an ambassador for the Amazon Jungle and for all the endangered species hunted and killed by humans. She is, by far, the Queen and Star of the show at Arajuno Jungle Lodge. She sends her love to all who have taken the time and effort to visit and play with her!

Stay in touch. Keep us in your thoughts;

Tom Larson